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You need to ensure success for your high-stakes, multi-stakeholder, transformational initiative. You need good governance for the project, with clear accountability over outcomes, an audit trail for key decisions, and absolute transparency for all concerned. You want to promote a  data-driven culture that is objective and evidence-based. You need outcomes that tie directly back to strategic objectives. You need results that are measurable and quantifiable.

Objectives Driven Governance: Welcome

Objectives driven transformation


  • What is the strategic purpose of your transformation initiative? How do you ensure that the outcomes of your journey link back to the strategic objectives?

  • What should be keeping Steering Committee members awake at night? What matters at the Steering Committee level? 

  • How do you maintain transparency and accountability to your stakeholders? How do you maintain an audit trail?

  • Transformation journeys take time. Key players come and go. How do you ensure that the right decisions are made over time? How do you keep track of these decisions?

  • Everyone talks about benefits realization, but few are able to measure and quantify benefits. How do you measure and realize the promised transformation benefits?

  • What is your governance methodology?

  • You want to promote a data-driven culture. How do you use the mountains of data that come out of complex transformation projects? Where do you begin?

Objectives Driven Governance: Services


  • We bring a unique approach - the  Objectives Driven Governance Approach - which is proven and based on a time-tested methodology, to help you with your transformation efforts.

  • We bring the right tools - a modern, cloud-based platform designed specifically to support our Objectives Driven Governance Approach.

  • We use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to efficiently capture requirements and specifications for your transformation.

  • We quantify, measure and monitor the promised benefits from your transformation - this key expertise is based on over 20 years of experience independently tracking metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) for large projects.

  • We automate the time-consuming, tedious aspects of project governance including scope definition, requirements gathering, data visualization, fit/gap analysis, benefits quantification, and communications with stakeholders.

  • We provide real-time tracking of progress and assignment of accountabilities to various stakeholders.

  • We design customized change management, communications and stakeholder engagement plans. We help you implement these plans.

Objectives Driven Governance: Services


  • Structure your projects to achieve the strategic objectives - the "why" of the project

  • Quantified value & impact of deliverables based on their contribution to objectives

  • Live-tracking of progress towards attainment of objectives 

  • Live tasking of impact on outcomes of de-scoped or challenged deliverables

  • Automate time consuming key project activities 


  • We bring a differentiated methodology - our Objectives Driven Governance Approach - to drive value and results

  • Our methodology is supported by a suite of modern, cloud-based tools designed specifically to work with our Purpose Driven Governance Approach

  • We bring over 20 years of experience working with large-scale transformative projects

Objectives Driven Governance: Services
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