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You need to take out cost while preparing for growth in the future. You are concerned with hidden costs in your structure that are hampering your ability to innovate and invest in new areas. You need to prepare your people to adapt to new cost structures while nurturing a caring culture.

Cost Optimization: Welcome


  • How much visibility do you have to your costs? Where are they buried in your structure?

  • Are you measuring your costs in a meaningful way that allows you to make sound management decisions?

  • How do you know you are spending money in the right functions and capabilities?

  • Where can you trim waste? Excess functionality? Underutilized resources?

  • What is your data saying about your cost structure? is it aligned to your strategy?

  • How do you cut cost without limiting your ability to grow?

Cost Optimization: Services


  • We systematically analyze your cost structure at a detailed level in order to understand where costs reside - whether they are visible to you or not

  • We bring  management accounting expertise to frame your data and information that helps you make sound decisions

  • We measure your costs in practical, measurable ways so that you are able to track them over time

  • We help establish a cost baseline

  • We bring a holistic view that includes people, process, technology and culture

  • We align our cost optimization recommendations with your long term vision and goals

  • We bring impartiality and objectivity - there will be no "sacred cows"

Cost Optimization: Services


  • Obtain line-of-sight to all your hidden costs

  • Target structural costs in measurable and quantifiable manner

  • Right-size your organization based on evidence, data and impartial advice

  • Experienced and proven approach that is tried and tested


  • We bring speed and an accelerated approach - which is tried and tested

  • We have access to data and external benchmarks to allow us to pin-point cost take-out opportunity areas in an impartial and practical manner

  • We are experienced veterans in cost optimization projects and have successfully dealt with both private and public sector cost take-out initiatives- unionized or not

Cost Optimization: Services
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